Techniguard and Techniguard Lite Sabre Security are World Leaders In providing portable CCTV site solutions.

Techniguard is the leading manufacturer and supplier of robust portable CCTV tower systems designed to reduce the need for static Security Officers on site.

The Techniguard system is deployed in minutes and maintains a continuous 360 degree camera coverage day and night so no incident or event will ever be missed. Intruder detection enables the system to be armed and disarmed both during working hours and none working hours as required.

In the event of an alarm activation Techniguard's Video is streamed directly through to our Arc monitoring station where our trained staff will take action, The video footage is of evidential quality and even when the system is disarmed the cameras continue to record enabling review of incidents for up to 31 days.

Indoor or outdoor, Security right where you need it.

We took our expertise in solving outdoor security challenges and brought it indoors:-

Introducing Techniguard Lite a completely wireless system that installs anywhere you need it, runs on batteries and sends video alarms over a cellular network or the IP network

We are confident that the Techniguard system will significantly reduce your security costs, no wires no fuss just the perfect solution to your security needs.

Visit our Dedicated Techniguard Website for more information and obtain an instance quote on how much this will save your business in employment costs

Techniguard CCTV Tower

Sabre Security Systems use the very latest systems to monitor your business or property, for remote monitoring to Techniguard our stand alone system, to Home CCTV Security Systems, Sabre Security offer every available option in CCTV Supply and Monitoring, we offer full installation which provides instant protection visit our dedicated Sabre Security Systems.

Your Protection is our Business.

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